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I trust this update finds you well and safe, and looking forward to 2022!


At ACrossMission we praise God for all He is doing through this mission in rural Tanzania. Although Howard and other Canadians have not been able to travel to Tanzania these past 20 months, God has accomplished much more than we could ask or imagine.


This is a beautiful, powerful ministry. I feel so blessed to witness the work God is doing through the Love His people have for each other. Your prayers and financial gifts make such a difference in the lives of so many people.


Thousands of people have heard the Gospel and studied the Bible through this mission. Many more have experienced God’s Love in tangible ways. God is using ACrossMission to reach people living in remote and suffering communities - people are coming to know Jesus - their lives are being changed. Through ACrossMission, God has placed Kiswahili Bibles into the hands of people who desire to know Him.


Because of the compassion that flows from Christian Love, people in prisons, people facing physical, social and emotional challenges, orphans, widows, people suffering illness and poverty, and people facing death are visited and cared for. Because Canadians who live in God’s abundance see the great value of this work, people in need receive gifts of food and other necessities.


Through sharing of prayers and in online meetings, ACrossMission pastors have been inspired and equipped for new expanded ministry tasks. In 2021, travel restrictions and other challenges disrupted this ministry. Yet God opened new ways of ministering to His people and supporting His pastors. So, despite the difficulties, this mission continues to thrive.


In 2021, ACrossMission pastors have stepped into new roles. Six pastors have continued to expand their biblical understanding, through studies towards a Bachelors of Theology degree. Three pastors’ wives are now studying toward certificates in Bible studies.


There is no doubt that this year has brought many moments of struggles and sadness. A young ACrossMission pastor died, as did a dear friend in this ministry and so many members of our supported congregations.


Yet even in this darkness the Light shines; the Word of God is being heard, salvation in Jesus is being proclaimed, and people are given hope. Nothing, not even death or disease can separate us from God’s Love and it certainly doesn't stop the ACrossMission pastors from reaching out to their communities.



We have faced significant challenges this year in reaching new donors and many donors have had to cut back due to personal financial challenges. We are so grateful for your continued Love and prayers - your compassion and generosity allows ACrossMission pastors to survive, to provide for their families, and so to continue to reveal God's Love in their communities.


As we approach Christmas and a new year of mission, please continue to seek God’s Will for this ministry in prayer; please share this ministry with your family and Church congregation; and please consider how we together might increase our care and support of those ACrossMission pastors doing God’s work in such harsh conditions and difficult ministries.


We continue to use CanadaHelps - ACrossMission Donations to process safe and secure online gifts, and to provide tax receipts for donations.


May God richly bless you this Christmas and throughout the new year.


With gratitude,


Gord Janzen

On behalf of our ministry team and the ACrossMission Board.

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