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A dear friend wrote, “Weird times isn’t it?” These are strange days indeed.


Yet the Church has always existed in a strange place. For a time Christians live in this world, yet our King’s kingdom is not of this world (John 18:36). We are strangers journeying through a strange land. A world Jesus has overcome (John 16:33) yet a world He Loves (John 3:16). Love, Jesus says, will distinguish His followers from the world. Facing poverty, persecution, disease and turmoil the Church has always persistently born witness of God’s Love of the world. And it is no different today. Jesus did not Love only when times were peaceful, comfortable and easy. He Loves constantly... and we follow Him.


As we remember Christ’s death and passion, His resurrection and as we look for His coming again, let us also remember the commission and command of our King. Let us teach all He said and did. And let us Love others as Jesus Loves them.


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