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The heart of Christmas is learning to reach
across the void to Love others.

We dream of a white Christmas.

They pray for rain to end their drought.



We look forward to Christmas vacation.

They pray for a miracle so they might attend school.



We search for the perfect Christmas sweater, dress or outfit.

They stand naked in the muddy water of a stream

washing the only shirt, pants or wrap they own.



We complain of workloads and seven-hour workdays.

They pray for jobs that provide more than $1/day.



We are impatient with long lines at the grocery store.

They pray their children will have something to eat today.



We drive to see Christmas lights and festive decorations.

They walk miles for water.



We look forward to presents under the Christmas tree.

They rest a moment in the shade of a tree.



We sing Silver Bells, Jingle Bells, and Frosty the Snowman.

They sing, “God is so good.”



We complain about the commercialization of Christmas.

They have never received a gift.



We have visions of eggnog, candy canes, stuffing, and turkey.

They pray for something, anything to eat.


On Christmas morning these past few years we woke up to “a little bit less” but “a whole lot more”. ACrossMission and its partners and donors awoke with joy in their hearts. Why? Because on Christmas, in an impoverished region of Tanzania, in over 50 communities thousands of Christmas meals are being served! Poor and hungry people were serving and taking meals to poorer and hungrier people. For us that morning, Christmas happened in a special…and it was awesome.


Orphans, widows, those with leprosy, the elderly, sick, those imprisoned and marginalized were acknowledged, fed and Loved. Relationships were forged, communities grew together and were just a little bit stronger.


Will you help us feed the poor, marginalized and vulnerable this Christmas?


Click on pictures below to help provide food items


Christmas Dinner Menu



Provide a goat for

Christmas meals




Buy 40 kg rice for

Christmas meals




Buy 50 kg flour for Ugali

for Christmas meals




Buy a basket of vegetables for Christmas meals




Buy 3 chickens for

Christmas meals




Buy a basket of fruit  for

Christmas desserts


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