Preparing for Christmas in Rwamlimi


“Care for and honour the poor” [Nyambange Leprosy Camp]

Sistaimelda Zablon of Rwamlimi



Jesus called his disciples to him and said,

“I feel sorry for these people because they have been with me for three days and now have nothing to eat.

I don’t want to send them away without feeding them,

for they might faint on their way home.”

Matthew 15


Why do we need to care for others?


Jesus Christ in His ministry often practiced this behavior of being aware of others needs and of serving others. Why do we need to care for others? The answer is simple – because that is the Way of our Master. Jesus was not willfully blind to other’s needs. He was aware. Today with media and communications, we have no excuses. If we are unaware, it is because we choose to be unaware. If we are inactive, it is because we have chosen to ignore.


Jesus showed us that to Love is to be aware and to respond.


Through ACrossMission’s coordination and the support from Canada, AICT-Rwamlimi Christ followers have planned to prepare a Christmas Meal and share with vulnerable people (the poor, disabled, old ones, widows, children, the sick).


Through Christmas Meals, we expect to reach and feed 150 vulnerable people and many more at the Nyambange Leprosy Camp.


Thank you.


May Christ bless you.


We thank our Christian family in Canada for this beautiful gift.


Please pray for us on December 25, 2017.


Thank you, Canada for joining us in this work. We wish you a blessed Christmas!