Mch. Howard Edwards is back to Canada. December 2016


I pray this note finds you well! and looking forward to all that God calls you to in 2017.


Thanks be to God! I have safely returned from Tanzania - relatively unscathed. Through a number of “close calls” God has blessed the work of ACrossMission!

Each day of this Mission contained both joys and sorrows. We could view this month as shaped by tragedy – frequently punctuated with traffic accidents, illness, hunger, aggression and sudden tragic deaths. Yet a Light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it! Ordinations, confirmations, baptisms, new life, spontaneous worship, prayer, evangelism, invitations to share the Gospel in homes, Scripture reading, Bible teaching, Eucharist, and church planting moved us onward with ever increasing intensity. The rains again failed to come; a third harvest will be missed – yet we were fed with fish and bread. God is at work and He does provide.


There is poverty and hunger in the Suba region – yet - among these challenges God is working. There is a joy and Love and generosity experienced and shared as God moves.

God is honoured and the Church received offerings even from those who barely know Him.  We are praying that God’s people in Eastern Ontario will see God’s work and the place He has prepared for us to work in the Suba region of Tanzania. Please join us in these prayers. Please join us in this work.


For recent updates please visit  Thank you for your prayers, for being a part of the ACrossMission family and for allowing us to share this part of God’s Mission with you in 2016.


Our prayer is that 2017 will be marked by your Light shining brightly so that all will know and glorify God.


be blessed,

Mch. Howard Edwards


We here in Canada live in God's abundance, we have the opportunity to live our Christian faiht. Paul in 2 Corinthians says our faith is tried and revealed in the Grace of giving. As we bless we are a blessing - you don't know how much your prayers and support mean to a pastoral family called to minister in poverty. They are blessed knowing that the Church community worldwide is supporting them. So, please keep our pastors in Tanzania, and worldwide, in your prayers. Take a moment to read through Hebrews 10, and consider supporting a pastor in Tanzania with a one-time or monthly donation with ACrossMission.

Thank you and God bless you very much…Mungu awabariki sana!