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Thank you for walking in faith and supporting Adda and Thomas in the ministry God is calling them to. Scripture tells us that those who have been taught the Word must share all good things and encourage the one who teaches the Gospel. Compass North will do this in music, worship, and prayer. We always support the next generation as it embraces the calling of the God. 


Bwana Asifiwe! (Let God be Praised!)  Asante Sana (Thank you so much).


Please accept a small gift from ACrossMission as a thank you.


When this song was released FreeSpirit received many letters from around the world - thanking us for pointing the writers to Jesus. That, I believe is truly one of God's two purposes for the heavenly gift of music. Adda's "child" voice (the first and last voice of this project) played a big part in opening hardened hearts to Jesus and His ministry of Love.


This single was played around the world in 2008; it was broadcast, heard and downloaded something like 105,000 times. I was surprised to see it is still being broadcast and downloaded in 2018. In the voices of Val, Helen, Adda, Cathy, and FreeSpirit, the song asks us to just take a moment and try to imagine the wonder of that morning - to just imagine what Jesus did - to imagine being loved that much. In some ways, this song marks a moment of divine calling. Thank you for your love, prayers and now your support.



You can also support ACrossMission by purchasing the CD -



Almost all proceeds (97.3%)  will go to directly to support God's Gospel ministry in Africa.

Be blessed



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