Hongera Baba Askofu

May 14, 2018

November of 2015 we first met Clemence Otieno walking home to Musoma on the road north of Mwanza. He had wanted to visit all the congregations in Tanzania that God had placed under his care. He had no funds so needed to walk or seek rides from others. We offered him a ride. As we drove and he spoke of this very challenging journey, a few things became clear. This man loves God. This man loves God’s people. This man is willing to sacrifice so much to take the Gospel to every village. As he spoke, his love, trust, and obedience to God were evident.


At the time of our meeting we had thought ACrossMission was heading in one direction, yet only days later God placed this man on our path once again. We have become close friends and brothers in Christ.


It was only after we had parted after that initial meeting on the road to Musoma that we learned Clemence was Bishop-Elect Clemence. ACrossMission was able to bring Clemence together with Thomas Gordon, Presiding Bishop of the global Orthodox Anglican Church (OAC) and through these servants of God, God advanced His work.


On May 14, 2018, Bishop-Elect Clemence was consecrated Bishop of the Orthodox Anglican Church of Tanzania.


With Bishops Clemence and Thomas, Hilda and Janet (their wives), and the OAC, ACrossMission gives all praise, glory, and thanksgiving for this blessing to God’s Holy Catholic Church. We celebrate with Bishop Clemence and Hilda and look forward to all that God will do in this ministry.


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