Mission March 2017

by Cathy Edwards


What did we do? What didn’t we do…?  This journey was filled to overflowing with the Love, Grace and Joy that comes only in being Loved by Jesus Christ and having Him work in us to Love others. 

ACrossMission Chairperson's Report on March 2017 Visit to Tanzania


Thought I’d share a few pictures and insights into our recent ACrossMission organized trip to northwest Tanzania (Mara Region, Sub-Saharan East Africa).

See how ACrossMission stipend support is impacting one parish and one community.

Mch. Howard Edwards is back! December 2016

Mchungaji Howard (loosely translated: Rev. Howard) has returned from Rorya and Musoma Tanzania. This is his update letter to donors (Learn more...)

Give the gift of God's Word this Christmas!

There is such a hunger for the Gospel, yet many Christians in north west Tanzania do not have access to God's Word.  Here is your opportunity to give the gift of Light and Life to God's children half a world away! (Learn more...)


TAPTell me about ACrossMission and its focus.

HE:   We work in Northwest Tanzania, in the Mara region...

Callum's Mission Report

I have recently returned from Tanzania. Earlier this year my parents asked if I would like to go to Tanzania where they are missionaries. My job? To help them tell the story of the Church there in pictures and video. (Read more...)

September 2016:

We have recently returned from Tanzania once again, blessed, sound and safe!  It was an eventful trip, at times gruelling, and certainly full of challenges. However, in these trials we witnessed God overcoming difficulties and transforming them into missional opportunities. (Read More...)

Over the past years Tanzania has been experiencing much growth in way of development, however it still has a long way to go. Many are still facing life-threatening situations: from persons with albinism being targeted for murder, to women undergoing FGM, Tanzania has not been able to move away from many of its harmful traditions and beliefs. (Read More...)

Prayer, Worship & Thanks

ACrossMission thanks everyone who joined us November 14, 2015 to give thanks to God for this new thing God is doing in and through ACM. Always turning our hearts and minds to God, being a ministry that grows in worship and being led in all things by God is the Way of Christian mission - we gratefully thank you for joining us in prayer and song and for enouraging us in this walk in God's mission.

ACM announces stipend support December 1, 2015 ACrossMission will begin stipend support in ten ministries in the Tarime region of Tanzania in Sub-Saharan East Africa. This program is the first of its kind offering donors the opportinity to directly impact the ministry and lives of Tanzanian pastors working in difficult circumstances in their home land... (read more)

ACM Celebrates

On November 14, 2015 ACrossMission will gather at Kingston Christian Fellow Church in thanks giving. This evening of worship, prayer and fellowship begins at 7pm and all are welcome. Come and celebrate with us this new work God is doing - building His Kingdom as He gathers His people... (read more)

ACM in Dialogue

ACrossMission was featured in the Fall issue of the Dialogue... (read more)

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ACrossMission News!

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Hongera Baba Askofu - Congratulation Bishop

May 14, 2018


With Bishops Clemence and Thomas, Hilda and Janet (their wives), and the OAC, ACrossMission gives all praise, glory, and thanksgiving for the consecration of our brother and dear friend as Bishop of the Orthodox Anglican Church of Tanzania. Congratulation Bishop Clemence Otieno.

Christmas Meals Update

December 24, 2017


A Christmas message to Canada from Manyanyi Tanzania

Christmas Meals Update

December 24, 2017

A Christmas message of thanks from Ingri Juu.

October 2017

St. Luke's shares in the harvest!



It is a blessing and joy for us to report on the work that St. Luke's Camden East is sharing in, in Kinesi Tanzania. Praying for, partnering with and providing for Mchungaji Jeremia in a ministry among the impoverished people of Suba Region is enabling the Gospel to be heard. Bwana Yesu Asifiwe - The Lord Jesus is praised.

​​March 2017


Mission Update from Fred and Veronica. March 2017.

​​March 2017

Mission Report ACrossMission

Read Zephania Ng'wilabuzu's report on his ministry in Mugango, Tanzania.

Please consider supporting this ministry.

​March 2017

Video reflections by ACrossMission veteran missionary Callum


As part of his reporting on the Mission trip to Rorya in March 2017, Callum prepared a video on Faith and Mission. We thank him especially for all the resources he has provided ACM with - drone video, 360 video and images.

March 2017

Report from ACrossMission participant Mikaela

The people of Rorya left a huge imprint on our hearts, lives, faith, and outlook on Christian life. So many of our sisters and brothers there illustrated for us of what a true, strong faith looks like...

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