Callum's Mission Report


This past August my Mom and Dad asked me if I would like to travel with them back to Tanzania. My job?  Capturing what Church is really like in Africa through pictures and video.  In addition to a regular digital camera, I have a drone that takes video and pictures. My parents thought that seeing congregations in their communities might help Christians in Canada understand the ministries of pastors in Africa better.

Why is this important?  What ACrossMission does is find pastors who are working really hard to teach about God but who are very poor. Then we tell Canadians about what God is doing and what the pastors are doing and ask Canadians to support them. The video and pictures I took this summer in Tanzania will help ACrossMission tell the story of the pastors doing God’s work. The area we visited is very poor, and many people have HIV. There are not many Christians. There is drought, and the people are desperate.


The ACrossMission pastors are working very hard, but they need our help. Most of them have no homes of their own or land. Churches meet under trees, in mud huts or any building they can find. But through God’s love, lives are being changed.  Many of the mothers bring their whole family to know Jesus. We met a man who used to be an alcoholic and now he is a pastor. He was the first Christian man in his family but soon after he became a pastor, he baptized his dad and then many of his brothers came to know God. This is why ACrossMission asks us to support these ministries.

Whenever I would fly the drone to get pictures and video, kids would come from everywhere to see it. The drone ended up being an evangelical tool to bring children and youth to the Church.  Working with the youth leader we used these opportunities to talk about how God loves them and how he wants more for them.

Here in Canada we have all we need.  Most do not realize that there are people in Africa who go for days without food, water and shelter.  We take for granted what we have.  I believe that if we love each other more than we love our self things will change.  I hope people will support God’s pastors in Africa. ACrossMission provides an easy way to do that.


ACrossMission is supported by volunteers who pay for all their own expenses and travel. So everything you give goes to pastors in Africa.

In addition to taking pictures and video I had the opportunity to do some fun things as well.  My friend and translator Kelvin and I climbed Mount Rorya and we went out in an old traditional fishing boat on Lake Victoria. We played soccer almost everyday, and rode on a piki piki (a very slow motorcycle). It is a beautiful place but a very hard place to live. As the climate changes it is getting harder because it is getting drier. Please pray for and help these pastors. To donate online through Canada Helps click the "Our Missions" tab at the top of the page.  Or send a cheque directly to the address below.  A small donation every month can make a big difference.


Callum Edwards

Grade 10, Quinte Christian High School

Watch for Callum's videos, on this site and at ACrossMission on YouTube.


Please remember - living in God's abundance, we have the opportunity to give pastors a chance to continue their ministries, and change the hearts of the Tanzanian people. As we bless we are a blessing - you don't know how much your prayers and support mean to a pastoral family called to minister in poverty. They are blessed knowing that the Church community worldwide is supporting them. So, please keep our pastors in Tanzania, and worldwide, in your prayers. Take a moment to read through Hebrews 10, and consider supporting a pastor in Tanzania with a one-time or monthly donation with ACrossMission.

Thank you and God bless you very much…Mungu akubariki sana!