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In November of 2015, we first met Clemence Otieno walking home on the road north of Mwanza. He had wanted to visit all the congregations in Tanzania that God had placed under his care. He had no funds so needed to walk or seek rides from others. Read More...

Gamasara, Tanzania

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Rev. Lucas works along the very busy "highway" just south of the Kenyan border; the most western in Tanzania. The border regions are always risky areas to live - people are often 'on the run' - the parish experiences violence and crime related to trade in black market gold ore, alcohol and prostitution. There is a lack of peace and stability, so the area is steeped in need, hunger, and poverty.

Rwamulimi, Bweri, Musoma

Answering God's commission among the Kwaya women.

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Our experiences teach us that among people resistant to the Gospel our mission must be patient yet persistent. Sistaimelda works to build relationships with mothers and children through which she lives the Gospel. It is true that today Kwaya men are resistant, but their children (the Kwaya future) are open and receiving the knowledge of Jesus' love. These children will become missionaries to their fathers.

It is a wonder how God works in marriage. A man drifting; chasing after money; escaping in alcohol and drugs; full of anger and rage in poverty; lost. Then a woman named Magdalena, his wife finds her saviour and leads her lost and sick husband to life and healing in Jesus. It is a beautiful story of redemption and Love. They gave up everything yet found more! They went to Bible school and they now pastor at Kurusanga. Would you consider being part of this ministry? 


Masinono, Mara-Ukerewe, Tanzania

Answering God's commission among the Nandi people.

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When a man and wife submit and obediently live in hardship for the sake of the Gospel among a people from another country we must take notice. There is a lesson for each of us in this ministry. Please pray for Lucas.

Manyara, Tanzania Help Support Gabriel Gibogo

We are blessed in partnering with the Anglican diocese of Rorya in the Mara region of Tanzania. In this region scarred by poverty, disease, tradition and drought the Gospel is resisted. In this remote rural setting harsh pagan rituals govern and shape life. The priests of Rorya bring light to this darkness - they teach the love of Jesus.

Kinesi, Suba, Tanzania

Answering God's commission among the people of the Suba.

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The Kinesi Church in Suba serves a very impoverished community. The Suba region is noted for its very strong adherence to traditional religions, and for tribal conflict, drought and human trafficking. It also has one of the highest incidences of HIV AIDS per capita in the world. The Church is growing in Suba as it meets daily under a tree to worship God and to pray that the Gospel will be heard and received in this very poor region. These Christians visit homes each day to share the good news of Jesus.

Mugango, Tanzania

Zephania is a proven Evangelist who accepted a posting to a dying ministry.

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Who accepts a transfer from a vibrant church plant which he (through God's love) established, to an all but dead ministry? Who moves from a nice house and a salary to nothing? Well, His name is Zephania.

The work is just beginning. Join us!

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ACrossMission's first mission focus is Sub-Saharan East Africa. God has called men and women to preach the Gospel - sometimes in difficult places and sometimes in the face of hardships and need. Help us answer the call to walk with those God has called to minister.

The work is just beginning in Suba Region. In a rather amazing way, Mch. Howard has been approached by a Village Elders' Council asking him to plant a new congregations in Nyang'ombe, Kirogo, Bitiryo, Manyanyi, Mkengwa and Kinesi. In partnership with the ACT, God's work in this region has begun. We are needing monthly stipends to support pastors who are answering God's call and moving great distances to take up the work of establishing the Gospel in non-Christian villages.

The ministry in Mkengwa has proven difficult. Pastor turnover has been an issue. Families face persecution here and local support for the ministry is very sparse - less than $4Cdn per month.


While ACrossMission has temporary support for this work, we are seeking a sponsor who will commit to praying for and supporting this ministry monthly over the next 5 years.

Would you be that sponsor? Would your church be God's Light in this darkness - a blessing in God's work in Mkengwa? Please prayerfully consider supporting this work in Mkengwa, Tanzania.

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