September 2016


We have recently returned from Tanzania once again, blessed, sound and safe!  It was an eventful trip, at times gruelling, and certainly full of challenges. However, in these trials we witnessed God overcoming difficulties and transforming them into missional opportunities. This trip was a lesson in “do-it-anyways” – God took our weaknesses, submission and obedience and showed us how He works all things together for good.


However, as we return to the comforts of life here in Canada it is hard not to focus on the significant contrasts.  Why God, do we have such abundance?  And why do the people there have so little?  But of course we know God has answered these questions already. God has provided this abundance to some in His Church not just for themselves, but for His greater purpose.    


We thank everyone for their prayers and petitions for the mission team. During our time there a great deal was begun and we thank God for the new things He is doing among His people.


Thank you God - Asante Mungu - for calling us into this mission and for the work You are doing in and through us.


Please remember - living in God's abundance, we have the opportunity to give pastors a chance to continue their ministries, and change the hearts of the Tanzanian people. As we bless we are a blessing - you don't know how much your prayers and support mean to a pastoral family called to minister in poverty. They are blessed knowing that the Church community worldwide is supporting them. So, please keep our pastors in Tanzania, and worldwide, in your prayers. Take a moment to read through Hebrews 10, and consider supporting a pastor in Tanzania with a one-time or monthly donation with ACrossMission.

Thank you and God bless you very much…Mungu akubariki sana!