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Thank you


Thank you for walking in faith and supporting this ministry. Scripture tells us that those who have been taught the Word must share all good things and encourage the one who teaches the Gospel.


Through your support, the ACrossMission community grows! Each new supporter further expands our family in mission. We look forward to how God will build His Kingdom by encouraging this ministry.  Please continue to pray for God's missionaries throughout the world. It is an inspiration how ACrossMission is sacrificially supported financially and materially by your donations.


Please accept a small gift as a thank you for your love and care for this Gospel ministry.


You can download FreeSpirit's song "Can You Imagine" free using the link below.


When the CD "Can you imagine" was released in 2007, FreeSpirit began receiving letters from around the world telling them how the CD and songs had led people to salvation in Jesus. It was remarkable. From a maximum security prison in the United States to refugee camps in Asia, God used a rather humble CD in rather remarkable ways. Rev. Howard Edwards, the founder of ACrossMission wrote most of the "Can You Imagine" CD music and was the drummer for the band. In the story of this CD, we see how God works abundantly through every small effort to do more than we can imagine. ACrossMission's ministry embodies that truth.


Howard was surprised to find out recently that "Can you imagine" has been played on Christian radio frequently since 2007 and continues to be downloaded. The call of the song persists - it asks us to pause and just try to imagine the wonder of that first Easter morning - to just imagine all that Jesus did - to imagine being loved that much.


ACrossMission thanks you for your love, prayers and your support. We hope you enjoy "Can you imagine."



You can also support ACrossMission by purchasing the CD -



Almost all proceeds (97.3%)  will go to directly support God's Gospel ministry in Africa.


Be blessed



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