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Lucas Nzumbi Buhalwe

Masinono, Tanzania


After his conversion from pagan "traditional" customs in 1999 to his love for Jesus Christ, Lucas served God as a lay pastor in his home village. In 2015 he and his wife Salome graduated from Bible College. Since graduation they have ministered in Masinono to evangelize the Nandi people.  They accepted this missional posting knowing the Nandi could not provide for their needs.  

ACrossMission identifies the Masinono ministry among the Nandi as an essential work and a priority for support. The ministry is situated in a region with almost no Christian presence. Further, Lucas and Salome are suffering yet their heart for the Nandi continues to reflect Christ's passion to be known to all people.


Please pray and consider supporting this mission as part of your response to Jesus' great commissioning of His Church.

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