Our meal preparations have begun at Manyanyi!

“Show Love to others”


DECEMBER, 24 2017


From the Rev. Samwel Kisora, Anglican Church of Tanzania. Parish of Manyanyi.


My dear brothers and sisters, as believers in our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of Glory, it is wrong to treat people in different ways according to their physical, social or medical outward appearance. How could we ever do this and claim to follow One born in a stable and murdered as a criminal on a cross?


Suppose a rich man wearing a gold ring and fine clothes arrives.

If you show more respect to the well-dressed man and say to him,

“Have this best seat here,”

but say to poor man, “Stay over there, or sit here on the floor by my feet,”

Then you are guilty of creating distinctions among yourselves and

of making judgments based on evil motives.”

James 2



We are warned to let nothing divide us.


God says we are all equal in His eyes despite what we see - we are all to be cared for - none should have too little since none should have too much. This message corrects us and focuses us on the Way we who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of Glory must live. If we are true Christians, we must hear these hard truths and live by them. Love is Christ’s command to all Christians all over the world.


Through these special Christmas meals supported by ACrossMission, Manyanyi Anglican Church, and our family so far to the north, we expect to invite Church neighbors living with great challenges to know and feel Jesus’ love through His Church. We’re going to involve them, working as one from the preparation of the meal, to distribution, and sharing in the nourishment. Church members especially leaders will lead the exercise of serving other people and they will be the last to take food after all are fed and prayed for and God is praised. The invited people will be served equally; those who cannot attend this ceremony due to a physical problem will be served at their homes.


We thank our Christian family in Canada for this gift of worship and service.


Please pray for us on December 25, 2017.


Thank you, Canada for joining us in this work. We wish you a blessed Christmas!