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Suba Region, Tanzania

When we first entered this small fishing village at the very tip of the Mara Bay Peninsula, we were struck by two things. First, the mosque. It is by far the largest we had seen in the region. Second, was the prevalence of traditional pagan believers. There were indications of these ancient mystic practices all around the village. As we have come to know more about this village we have learned our first impressions were accurate. This is not a place where Jesus is known or where God is worshipped in truth.


Mkengwa is bordered on three sides by Lake Victoria, the second largest freshwater lake in the world. We might normally see this as a blessing, but sadly the lake is also the most polluted lake in the world and the lake region is considered very dangerous and lawless. The incidence of water borne diseases is high and cancer is prevalent. The lake fishery attracts a transient male population - leading to high rates of prostitution, HIV, and other sexually transmitted diseases. The rate of crime and violent crime is high. The disappearance of young women along the lake shore is not rare. This is a place in need of the knowledge and Love of Jesus Christ.

The ministry in Mkengwa has proven difficult. Pastor turnover has been an issue. Families face persecution here and local support for the ministry is very sparse - less than $4Cdn per month.


While ACrossMission has temporary support for this work, we are seeking a sponsor who will commit to praying for and supporting this ministry monthly over the next 5 years.

Would you be that sponsor? Would your church be God's Light in this darkness - a blessing in God's work in Mkengwa? Please prayerfully consider supporting this work in Mkengwa, Tanzania.

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