Pastor Fred Peter Meshach

Kowak, Tanzania.


Fred Peter and his wife Veronica work inland from Lake Victoria near the Kenyan border. The region is in the grip of a severe drought - the rains have been very sparse since the summer of 2015. The community is mainly composed of subsistence farmers. There is very little surplus so support for this pastor and his family is meager ($3 or $4 each week). He is a passionate and energetic teacher of the Gospel. He believes that the Gospel changes the mind and changed minds transform lives.


Fred’s work has expanded to ministry among teenagers throughout North-western Tanzania. He now must travel to many remote locations. The fruit of this ministry has been amazing! The expense (which he bears) has been significant. In your prayers, please ask for God’s provision so that His harvest will continue through Fred among the tribal young people.


In December, Veronica and Fred welcomed their first son (third child), Peter.



Fred has been blessed with support for this ministry from Living Waters in Kingston, Ontario. ACrossMission is seeking additional donors for Oliyo to meet the growing needs of this hard-working pastor and his growing family.


ACrossMission is blessed in partnering with the Anglican Diocese of Rorya in the Mara region of Tanzania. In this region scarred by poverty, disease, tradition, and drought the Gospel is resisted. In this remote rural setting harsh pagan rituals govern and shape life. The priests of Rorya bring light to this darkness - they teach the love of Jesus.


We ask that you prayerfully consider supporting Fred Peter and Veronica in Oliyo, Tanzania and the ministry God has called them to. Bwana Yesu Asifiwe!


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Pastor Fred in Kowak

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