Praise and Thanksgiving

July 2018

Our work together is continuing! We are approaching the third anniversary of ACrossMission – our joy in ministry has grown far beyond what we imagined. We are so grateful to be called to share in God’s work – to teach all Jesus said in more than thirty communities in East Africa. We thank God for knitting each new Christian together with each minister and missionary together with each supporter of this work, to weave the fabric of His Church spread across the world. Please continue to pray for this ministry – that it may always be an instrument used by God to reveal His Love and His desire for His people. 


Rev. Howard is again preparing to leave for Tanzania to visit the ministries God has given us to share in. Here is a brief note from him.

ACrossMission thanks you for your prayers and support. Through this ministry, you have been united with God’s people in a dry and weary land.


Thanks to you… and glory to God!

  • More than 30 Christian ministries in the Mara Region of Tanzania have survived; 

  • God’s Word is being heard and His Love is being experienced;

  • Pastors have been able to provide food and shelter for their families;

  • Almost 2000 Bibles have been placed into the hands of new Christians; and

  • More than 3500 hungry and vulnerable people have been fed by our sisters and brothers who themselves live in poverty.


It is a sad yet simple truth that many people do not know their God. They do not know His desire for them. They do not know He Loves them. It is also true that too many people are suffering and dying each day in poverty. However, we know that there is a more joyful truth and a more hope-filled reality. Together, we the Church, one people united across the world in obedience to God, are changing lives from sadness to joy, despair to hope and poverty to equality – thousands of God’s people are beginning to know Him – thousands have surrendered their lives to Jesus. That is the great fruit, the harvest of God's work that is accounted to each of us in ACrossMission.


ACrossMission builds relationships with indigenous leaders. Together we seek new ways of being a community – we seek God’s way of being His people. A poverty, self-focused mindset has plagued humanity. Transforming our minds to reflect God’s design promotes communal health and wellbeing; it fosters a change of heart that manifests in loving each other as Jesus loves us. In Love God is revealed to His people.


With the support of ACrossMission, food, fresh water wells, and care for vulnerable and marginalized people are being realized in poor rural communities in the Mara Region. We are seeing a change in the way communities function in this region. We are seeing Love practiced and so seeing God revealed. It is a cause for joy, hope and thanksgiving!


ACrossMission relies entirely on donor support, so as a donor you are a partner in God’s harvest. Thank you for your love and care of the people in the Mara Region of Tanzania. May God bless you – Mungu awabariki sana.


Ven. Rev. Cn. Howard Edwards,


Tanzania, East Africa