When His glory is revealed

8th day of Advent December 10th, 2017 2 Peter 8:3-15

“Then the glory of the LORD shall be revealed, and all people shall see it together... ”

Throughout Advent, we will hear the call of churches and those attending: Come Lord Jesus come! O, Come Immanuel. מרנא תא Μαραναθα Maranatha! The word English speakers cry out as "Maranatha" can be heard as either the proclamation that "Our Lord has come!" or a cry begging God to come. But are we ready? Am I ready? Jesus commissioned His Church to speak His Word, teach all that He said, to be His witness and to be His Ambassador. He commanded us to Love each other as God Loves us, to Love as we love ourselves and ahead of ourselves. Are we ready? Am I ready? If Jesus came today would He find me a faithful servant diligently speaking, teaching, bearing witness and carrying His message to the world? Would He find us completely engaged (thoughts, words and deeds) in His business? Would He find us excelling in Love? 2 Peter 3 says all the world is passing away, it will be dissolved and all things will be dust. More importantly we are asked "so what sort of persons should you be in leading lives of holiness and godliness, waiting for and hastening the coming of the day of God."

Are we sleeping? Or are we active Christ followers and workers for the Kingdom of God?

When we cry out Μαραναθα (Maranatha) we must be aware that our Lord has come; God is among us. He is Immanuel. Yes, His glory will be revealed; and we will see the Kingdom of God is at hand, near and present. Let all who believe be about the Father's business.

Let us not be found asleep in a world that needs Jesus, Lord and Saviour so very much. Be blessed

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