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Stay the course

13th day of Advent December 15th, 2017 Philippians 3:12-16

by Scholar Ochieng, Principal of Kowak Theological College

Diocese of Rorya, Anglican Church of Tanzania

As we read Philippians 3, we can hear Paul's desire for us to understand Christ's victory and for us to take hold of God's blessings which Jesus won for us. Paul wants us to see our place is in Christ because of the battle He won over sin. Paul wants us to know true peace and satisfaction in Jesus. Paul encourages us to turn away from our sinful past and strain forward, pressing heavenward living in the reality of Jesus victory. We hear Paul calling us to continue forward, despite our weaknesses, with patience, to live for the blessing and purpose Christ has for us.

The Christian living creed is to advance and to fulfill the goals Christ sets before us; to believe in the Lord regardless of what we face in this mortal life. The Christian is likened to an athlete who is focusing forward, seeking to finish the race and claim the victors prize. We are satisfied with all things in life knowing they are only part of the course God lays before us. Trusting in God we are persistent and come to understand the good purpose God has for each moment of our life. As we live in Christ and we stay the course, we bear witness to all the world of God's persistent Love. UBARIKIWE SANA

Guest Blogger: Madame Scholar Ochieng Kowak Theological College (KTC), Diocese of Rorya, Anglican Church of Tanzania. Scholar is a great gift to the students of KTC as she teaches and equips them for the ministry God is calling them to. Asante sana (Thank you).

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