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To touch the face of God

How can you believe that nonsense?

I struggled with this question. I don’t remember ever NOT believing and NOT knowing my need for Jesus – I do however remember the ridicule of my beliefs – "use your common sense!" "This ridiculous idea of God is dead." Such was the 70’s.

But here is the thing – the proposition “not Jesus,” mathematically and scientifically seems to me, to require no less outright faith than the proposition “Jesus.” That is, both positions need a rather equal measure of gut faith.

So, the mathematical problem persists. Oxford University mathematical physicist Roger Penrose is reported to have calculated that for the universe to have randomly occurred as it is, is a 1 in 10 to the power of 10 to the power of 123 chance. How small a chance is that? Penrose puts it this way. It is a “number which it would be impossible to write… even if you were able to put a zero on every particle in the universe, there would not even be enough particles to do the job.” Now, after we have this remote chance of a universe, then we must factor in the chance occurrence of DNA then spontaneously combining to form life, in an environment that supports life, and then that life randomly generating complex organisms, which in turn must simultaneously evolve two complimentary sexes capable of procreation. Mathematically, it all that just seems... improbable.

God tells us we will not understand His ways; they are simply outside the scope of our experience.

That brings us to today.

Why does God Love us? Why would He? We defy and deny Him. We grasp and clutch to be what only He is. Yet He Loves us. And because of that Love, He put off all He is, and stepped into this world seemingly helpless, powerless, and hopeless. This movement in the symphony of creation would lead to an improbable victory claimed from apparent defeat; a victory that brought life from death. His Love is beyond common, and sacrificial Love is beyond sense.

God is persistent. There is nothing common in the sense that knows the Love that draws the finite to the infinite, and the ordinary to the extraordinary. God never desired we be common; His will for us is quite uncommon. Yes, it is beyond our capacity to comprehend; how could it be otherwise? How could the awesome be ordinary? How could the indescribable be described? It is certainly beyond a common capacity to accept ... yet, humbled before majesty, some do accept. In that moment, it just makes uncommon sense.Unsettled, humbled, bent yet awed Mere mortals grasp beyond our place To pierce the sanctity of timeless space,If only to touch, the face of God.Let us this day, touch the face of God.Be blessed … Merry Christmas.

Unsettled, humbled, bent, yet awed

Mere mortals grasping beyond this place

To pierce the sanctity of timeless space,

If only to touch, the face of God.

Let us this day, touch the face of God.

Be blessed … Merry Christmas.

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