Sistaimelda Zablon

Rwamlimi, Bweri, Musoma


Sistaimelda has been a Gospel teacher for the Africa Inland Church Tanzania (AICT) since 2008. She has been working among the Gospel resistant Kwaya people in Rwamlimi since 2013. Her ministry includes visits to neighborhoods and homes, leading Bible Study and praying with anyone God leads to her. Our experiences teach us that among people resistant to the Gospel our mission must be patient yet persistent. Sistaimelda works to build relationships with mothers and children through which she lives the Gospel. It is true that today Kwaya men are resistant, but their children (the Kwaya future) are open and receiving the knowledge of Jesus' love. These children will become missionaries to their fathers.


ACrossMission identifies the Rwamlimi ministry among the Kwaya as an essential work and a priority for support. We cannot be content to leave another generation unreached by the Gospel. Reaching the women and children of Kwaya is a work of the Holy Spirit which will lead to the revelation of God among this people. 


Please pray for the Kwaya and consider supporting this mission as part of your response to Jesus' great commissioning of His Church.

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