Transportation 2018

It's a challenge we will overcome together

The time has come!! It is an exciting time. But it has its challenges. The mission in Tanzania is vibrant and expanding rapidly! It is really quite amazing to see how communities are being transformed as we engage community leaders with a view to making communities kind, respectful and secure places for all people - children, youth, women and the elderly especially.


During the ‘infancy’ of our work in Tanzania, we have been able to (almost literally) piggyback on the infrastructure of other organizations while in the country. The most significant benefit has been felt when ACrossMission could encourage other organizations to work in communities where we were working, and so be able to hitch rides with them. We are grateful for how well this has worked since 2012. These other organizations usually work in more populated regions, which means their vehicles travel on busy roads and over longer distances –this has lead to breakdowns and accidents. Literally, every vehicle ACrossMission has used in Tanzania has, as of February 2018, been sidelined by accidents. Thankfully, there were no deaths or critical injuries. However, the vehicles are now lost to us.


A number of close calls last year have forced us to take this matter more seriously. We need our missionaries and workers to be safe as they travel.


This need has become more critical. Due to changes in regional flights and airport management our closest airport is now 8 hours drive away from Mara (part of it on "rough" road or off road).


We are making new travel plans. These plans require access to safe, reliable and well-maintained ground transport - the time has come for us to purchase our own land transport.


We are fundraising $32,500 to help meet this need. Will you help us?


The mission work is now extending to more than 30 at risk congregations in remote communities of Mara, Ukerewe, and Suba regions. We know the needs there are critical - a safe well-maintained mission vehicle is critical to the continuation of this work.