February 6, 2016


Why Tanzania? Why Pastors?


Over the past years Tanzania has been experiencing much growth in way of development, however it still has a long way to go. Many are still facing life-threatening situations: from persons with albinism being targeted for murder, to women undergoing FGM, Tanzania has not been able to move away from many of its harmful traditions and beliefs.


The pastors in the Mara region of Tanzania chose long ago, before ACrossMission even started, to face a life of social ridicule and poverty. Why? They believe that the only way their people will truly change and stop harming each other is through the learning of, and accepting the love of Christ. Many pastor's families in Tanzania are living in extreme poverty, as the Church community itself is poor and cannot support them. Unbelievers in their community shun them for their beliefs.


We want to give pastors a chance to continue their ministry, and change the heart of the Tanzanian people, knowing that the Church community worldwide is supporting them. So in this month of February please keep the pastors in Tanzania, and worldwide, in your prayers. Take a moment to read through Hebrews 10, the chapter on my heart today, and consider supporting a pastor in Tanzania with a one-time or continuous donation with ACrossMission.


-Victoria Edwards

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