It is a wonder  - it is amazing how God works in marriage. A man drifting; chasing material wealth; escaping in alcohol and drugs; full of anger and rage in poverty; lost. Then a woman named Magdalena, his wife finds her saviour and leads her lost and sick husband to life and healing in Jesus. It is a beautiful story of redemption and Love. They gave up everything yet found more! They went to Bible school and they now pastor at Kurusanga. Would you consider being part of this ministry?


Together they have carried the Light of Christ into the poor and pagan village of Kurusanga. Without ACrossMission they live of $7/month. This is an important ministry to God's children in Kurusanga - will you be apart of seeing the Gospel persists here.


Please consider joining ACrossMission is supporting this new, growing and exciting work that God is doing. Our goal is to raise $120/monthly in support. Please click here to support God's Work at Kurusanga. The donations process is safe, secure and efficient.


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