Zephania Ng'wilabuza

Mugango, Tanzania


Who moves from a supportive loving Christian community to live among resistent suspicious pagan tribes? Who accepts a transfer from a vibrant church plant which he (through God's love) established to an all but dead ministry? Who moves from a cozy little house and a salary to nothing?


ACrossMission receives many applications for support. In our prayer and assessment we ask God to reveal passionate sacrifical hearts. People who exhibit the Gospel in their life choices and ministry. We ask who does the sort of sacrificial things Christ calls us all to? As we read Zephania's application and recommendations it became apparent this ministry is one ACrossMission must stand with.


Please pray for the Zephania who has followed God's sacrificial call to mission. Please consider supporting this mission as part of your response to Jesus' command to love each other as we love ourself.

Homes in Mugango

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