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What we Believe ...


We believe God provides all that is required.


How do we know this?


Because Jesus clearly states this fact.


Before God commanded, God promised. God promises He will be with us always in the power and presence of Himself as Holy Spirit and promises that if we go into the world and be His witness He will provide us all that we need. (Acts 1:8, Luke 21:15, John 14:26).


God has blessed His Church.


Yet this question remains: How do we, entrusted with His blessing, respond?


Jesus' mandate is handed to us across time and place through the Church; His mandate connects the Church today with Paul, the first congregations, the Disciples and ultimately to Jesus' ministry.


We must go into the world and we must tell them about Jesus - it is what Christ followers do. Please join us in this mission to God's people ACross The World.


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