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Jeremia Cyrus

Kinesi, Suba, Tanzania


Kinesi is a community on the shores of Lake Victoria. The area faces a great many challenges not the least of which is separation from God and ignorance of His Love! HIV, human trafficking, pagan rituals, Islam, poverty, malnutrition and lack of education all provide mission challenges and resistance to the Gospel. The UN has determined  the poverty line to be $1 US per day, per adult. Sadly, entire families in this region subsist on less than $10 US per month. We thank God for pastors like Jeremia who are willing to “Go” and teach about Jesus.


Jeremia and Martha have faithfully accepted this difficult posting - this is a church plant in a very dry and weary land. When they arrived in Kinesi earlier this year there was no congregation, no home for them and no church property. Martha tells us they have prayed constantly.

ACrossMission identifies Kinesi and the developing ministry in Suba as an essential work. There is literally almost no sustained Christian presence in Suba.


Please pray and consider supporting this mission as part of your response to Jesus' great commissioning of His Church.

Read Jeremia's latest ministry report.

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