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3rd day of Advent December 5th, 2017 Micah 4:6-13

"I will assemble the lame,

I will gather the outcast

and those whom I have afflicted;

I will make the lame a remnant,

and the outcast a strong people."

Throughout Holy Scripture, we hear the promises! The lame will walk! The blind will see! The deaf will hear! The outcast will be welcomed! In our weakness God is strong. In our poverty, God's abundance is revealed. In death, we are given life eternal! An overarching question in Scripture is "who are you?" Are you defined by your abilities? Are you defined by your surroundings? Are you defined by what you say? Are you defined by your associates, your authority or your power? Are you defined by your stuff; your wealth? Are you only you as your heart beats and your mind functions? Another question flows from this, "who do you worship?" Do you seek comfort, skill, beauty, wise words, pretty things, notoriety, reputation, authority, power and wealth? God tells us throughout the old and new testaments to look beyond what we see, to listen beyond what we hear, to live beyond this mortal existence. All this is passing away. All we believe is real and valuable is dust. Jesus almost pleads with us to live for true life. To see the Light of truth. To hear the Word of God. Let those with eyes see, and those with ears hear. When we see and hear and live as Christ followers there is love, peace and joy! There is hope even in the storms that shake this world. When we are anchored in God and worship Him alone we find life; we are gathered and made as a strong eternal people.

God takes the broken who not only endure but worship in that brokenness and He raises them to eternal life in His Love - that is God's amazing promise - it is the foundation of a hope that endures this life.

Be blessed

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